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Seize Sauvignon Blanc


Most wine drinkers evolve their palates by discovering new wines. And Chardonnay drinkers find Sauvignon Blanc a refreshing alternative to Chardonnay.

Sauvignon Blanc comes from the Loire Valley in France and is used to make Sancerre and Bordeaux, for white Bordeaux and Sauternes. It is also grown successfully in New Zealand, Chile, Australia and California. It fares best in cool climates as heat scorches its briskness and brings forth metallic notes and green bean flavors.

The grape has a green skin. And the wine ranges from being very pale (almost without color) to a light yellow with green hints. Aromas of asparagus, gooseberry and freshly cut grass lead to flavors of the same along with more distinct grassy notes.

Sauvignon Blanc is highly acidic and is often blended with Semillon (next week's featured grape) to produce dry and sweet wines. The sweet ones also offer flavors of honey and raisin. Drink young unless it is blended. Sauvignon Blanc will lose its liveliness.

Sauvignon Blanc is a classic match for Chevre. Chevre is French for goat, and the Loire is also known for its goat cheese. But you don't have to buy French cheese to pair with Sauvignon Blanc. Alabama's award winning Fromagerie Belle Chevre is available locally at Tria Market. French, Old World styles of Sauvignon Blanc also pair well with Thai cuisine, quiche, and seafood salads. New World Sauvignon Blancs also do well with Thai food, and other powerfully flavored cuisines, shellfish, and tomato dishes.

Seize the day and the Sauvignon Blanc by packing a bottle in a picnic basket along with Fromagerie Belle Chevre, and other divine dishes from Tria Market. And enjoy a beautiful spring afternoon here in Alabama.


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