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Champagne Wishes

Charles Gardet Blanc de Blanc Brut NV ($30) is light, has great bubbles and makes an aperitif and toasting Champagne,” Brandy Davis recommends. Davis, of Best Cellars, is the local distributor of Gardet. The Blanc de Blanc (whites from whites) is made of Chardonnay and is golden in color with a touch of green and a persistent mousse. It offers flavors of apple and honey with a lengthy finish.

Charles Gardet Signature Cuvee 1999 ($66) is exclusively from Premier Cru and Grand Cru vineyards in the Montagne de Reims and Cote de Blancs regions. It is two-thirds Chardonnay and one-third Pinot Noir. “It is full, rich, yeasty and on par with the best Champagnes in the world,” Davis says. The wine is pale gold with tiny, elegant bubbles. Its aromas are fine and complex with hints of flowers. The flavor is round, creamy, and very fresh. The finish is long and inviting.

And Charles Gardet Saignee Rosé 2002 ($70) is a premier cru rosé Champagne, made from Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier grapes, and the grapevines are 30 years old. The beautiful salmon pink color is achieved by macerating or “bleeding” color from the skins of the grapes. This elegant wine is robust in body with tiny bubbles and raspberry flavors.

Other Gardet Champagnes available locally include Gardet Premier Cru ($44) and Gardet Select Reserve ($47). Village Wine Market, Western Mountain Brook and Wine'd Down offer Gardet Champagnes.


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