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Delicious new Rosso is perfect for Spring

Introduced into the Birmingham area market earlier this year is the delicious new Toscana Rosso from Duca di Saragnano (Duke-ah D Sarah-yon-no).

This estate originally located near Salerno has a storied past dating back to the 10th Century when the Duke helped to fight off Arab pirates attacking southern Italy. Ultimately there was a loss to the superior numbers of Arab mercenaries and the Duchy was forced to flee North to the protection of the Holy Roman Emperor where descendants remain today.

The Duca di Saragnano Toscana Rosso is a homage to the historic Duke's bravery. It is a delicious straightforward red that is made without French grapes included. It is primarily Sangiovese with small amounts of other regional grapes included. This wine is deliciously fruity, relatively low in alcohol and tannin, and is eminently quaffable. Additionally it represents a great value at under $10. The wine is directly imported into Alabama by a local fine wine distributor, an authorized bottle shop International, and will likely be found first in proprietary wine shops. Ask your local retailer about this delicious Italian red and enjoy it during the spring, summer and on any relaxed occasion.



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