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Celebrate with Chandon

Celebrate with Chandon

Pair a couple of stars with a romantic dinner.  

By Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

Champagnes and sparkling wines are among the most food friendly wines. Their minerality adds depth to the natural flavors of many foods and ingredients. Their acidity cuts fattiness and stands up to high acid foods. So whether you are cooking your way into someone’s heart or being treated to a special dinner at your favorite restaurant, pair with Domaine Chandon’s étoilé (a star or something shaped like a star) sparkling wines.

Domaine Chandon sparkling wines are a synthesis of French, Italian, and American influences. It is owned by French Champagne house Moët & Chandon, made by Italian, winemaker of sparkling wines, Tom Tiburzi, and located in Napa Valley.  Pair two special Chandon sparklers, étoilé Brut and étoilé Rosé, with your Valentine’s dinner. The étoilé Brut ($40) is a classic, aromatic sparkling wine with lovely effervescence. Tiny bubbles create a beautiful bouquet. Notes of apple, ginger, cinnamon, brown spice and caramel integrate in this gorgeous glass of wine, which has a balanced acidity and lingering finish. Pair it with scallops in a lemon beurre blanc sauce. Or enjoy its as an aperitif wine, and pair étoilé Rosé ($50) with your meal. Salmon in color with notes of plum, raspberry, cocoa and nutmeg, étoilé Rosé is fruit forward with an elegant structure. Foie gras, trout, or duck confit make a tasty match for this wine.

Published, B-Metro magazine, February 2015


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