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Modern Day Wine Accessories

Wine openers in particular have made opening your favorite bottle much easier as the years have passed. Now-a-days there are many more options available aside from the traditional cork screw. Many new wine openers feature push handles that require much less effort to extract a cork from a bottle. By incorporating a push handle to the design, it eliminates the need to pull out the cork by force. This is especially helpful for people who lack tensile strength in their hands such as the elderly. Some openers are even built into counter stands, so that opening a bottle is as easy as placing down a bottle and pushing a button.

Personal wine chillers are also a modern way to keep your wine at the optimal temperature for serving. While large commercial wine coolers have been around for ages, personal wine chillers allow you to store either one or two bottles of your favorite wine so that they reach the proper temperature for serving. You can choose between predestinated temperatures for red and white wine, or set them manually if you so choose. Drinking from a bottle that is too warm or too cold can eliminate some of the wines delicate flavors. These coolers help make sure you’re enjoying your wine the way it was meant to be.

Preserving the freshness of wine for longer has also changed drastically through new innovations in wine accessories. Wine accessories like the Blomus Cino Wine Stopper serve not only to minimize mess, but more importantly, acts to preserve the freshness of wine longer. Its slick appearance and easy-to-use application is perfect for any level of wine enthusiast. A Vaccum stopper is also a great investment for regular wine drinkers. With just a few pumps, a wine bottle can be sealed and put back in the fridge for 6 more days of freshness. These new innovations in wine accessories will make you look smarter in any setting, whether it be formal gatherings or casual dinners with the family.  


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