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SCV Sauvignon Blanc 2009

SCV 2009 Sauvignon Blanc, Laguna Vista Vineyards, Sonoma Coast

Growing Sauvignon Blanc in the cooler regions of the Sonoma Coast is both a challenge and a unique opportunity. The 2009 vintage resulted in Sauvignon Blanc with balance and concentrated flavors, due to ideal conditions throughout most of the season. Summer was warm with virtually no heat spikes. As fall arrived, we experienced a delightful Indian summer that advanced ripening and phenolic development. All the while, the maritime climate provided cool nights, allowing for extended hangtime. Harvest Dates: October 12-18

The grapes were hand picked in the cool early morning hours in order to maintain freshness and varietal character. Lots were picked at varying ripeness levels to provide complexity. The fruit was whole-cluster pressed cold then transferred to temperature-controlled, stainless-steel tanks. While in tank, the juice was inoculated with Assmanhausen yeast, which is ideal for maintaining the delicacy of this varietal. Fifty percent of the wine was transferred to re-toasted French oak barrels, allowing it to develop richness and complexity without an astringent wood character. The lots remained separated between tank and barrel for six months. The wine in barrel remained sur lie with weekly lees stirring.
Barrel Aging: 50% barrel fermented, re-toasted French oak, 6 months sur lie
Bottled: April 14, 2010

The combination of the two distinct clones delivers a very complex flavor profile. Clone 1 provides the traditional profile of citrus and lends to the high acidity. The Sauvignon Musque clone provides a depth of fruit flavors with a range of pear, fig and pineapple. The separated lot treatments are evident in the creamy character from the barrels and the varietal freshness and bright acidity of the tank-aged wine. Our 2009 Sauvignon Blanc is an ideal aperitif wine and a delicious companion to food including fresh or grilled seafood, particularly oysters, crab and lobster, along with grilled or broiled chicken dishes and a wide range of cheeses. Our inspiration for this wine comes from the unique Sonoma Coast and the opportunity to marry old and new world winemaking practices, resulting in a truly distinctive wine. - Anthony Austin, Winemaker, May 14, 2010


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