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Sweet Dreams

Extend the evening with a dessert wine, nightcap at The Wine Loft.  

By Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

Forgo dessert for a dessert wine—or enjoy both at The Wine Loft.

A stand out sweet wine on The Wine Loft is Chateau Gravas 2009. This French Sauterne is most often served as a dessert wine, due to its sweetness and complexity.

A dessert wines’ sweetness is derived from grapes that produce a high level of sugar and/or environmental conditions. These wines are not to be confused with overly sweet and less serious wines, such as White Zinfandel. Most often purchased in 375 ml bottles and served at 52 to 53 degrees. They can be every expensive depending on the region and complexity of producing the wine.

The most expensive are French Sauternes, which also age well—for more than 100 years. Sauternes are yellow gold in color and evolve to a more copper color with age. The most expensive among the French Sauternes is Chateau d’Yquem. Chateau Gravas is as close as you will get to a Chateau d’Yquem without paying $600 a bottle,” Mike Dunnavant, owner of The Wine Loft, says. The wine is produced in Barsac and made of 95 percent Semillon and 5 percent Sauvignon. This late harvest, noble rot wine is golden yellow in color, medium in body and offers notes of honey and exotic fruits, which linger on the palate. If you have never tasted a French Sauterne, try Chateau Gravas as a nightcap. Or have your dessert wine and eat it too. Chateau Gravas pairs well with The Wine Loft’s apple strudel. Sweet dreams are made of this.

Published, B-Metro magazine, March 2012


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