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Pizza Pie and Italian Wine

The varietal is Vernaccia, one of Italy's oldest grapes, which I would compare with a blend of Pinto Grigio and Viognier. These ancient Tuscan grapes were organically grown. And the wine is characterized by delicate, honeydew, honey and pear aromas-creating a fruity, crisp palate.

As with most dishes, the core consideration for matching pizza with a wine is the main ingredient. Fortunately, pizza cheeses are wine friendly-happy with a variety of wines. Yet it is the additional toppings, which mesh with the melted cheese, that bring more specific pairing possibilities. Hearty meat filled pizzas call for a classic Italian Chianti. And pair mushroom and pork sausage pizzas with Pinot Grigio.

But no matter the wine or the pizza, don't be afraid to break the experts recommendations for wine pairing.


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