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Making Sense of Champagne

Extra Brut: very, very dry, O to .6% residual sugar
Brut: dry, less than 1.5% residual sugar
Extra Dry: off-dry, 1.2 to 2% residual sugar
Sec: lightly sweet, 1.7 to 3.5% residual sugar
Demi-Sec: quite sweet, 3.3 to 5% residual sugar
Doux: sweet, more than 5% residual sugar

Non-vintage Champagne: A blend that may contain wines from several different vintages

Vintage Champagnes: The wines in a vintage Champagne come only from the year designated on the label. Vintage Champagnes are only made in top years

Prestige Cuvée: Prestige cuvées are each firm's top-of-the-line wine. It too will only be made in great years with grapes from the firm's best vineyards

Rosé Champagne: A pink Champagne usually made by adding a small bit of red pinot noir wine to the bottle before the second fermentation

Blanc de blancs: a Champagne in which all of the wines in the blend are Chardonnay


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